It is my pleasure to serve as the 35th Chair of the National Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (YLD). This year’s theme is “Policy. Action. Change.” YLDPAC. I chose this theme because young lawyers not only have the capacity for change, we are the change. To truly affect change at the local, state, and national level, young lawyers must be involved in all aspects of policy. This means enhancing our exposure to the policy space.

To accomplish this goal, YLD will host a series of professional development seminars and CLEs geared towards advancing public policy and ways that young lawyers can get involved in the political process. We will also engage in lobbying efforts and issue statements that reflect the core values of the National Bar Association.

Additionally, we will reinvigorate our membership. YLD has a strong presence in certain regions but we must work harder to engage young lawyers across the country. To do so, we will have a series of regional membership drives and networking events. We will also have membership calls to make sure we are meeting your needs. The YLD is the pipeline for bar leadership, and I want to ensure that our members play an integral role in the future of the association. We accomplish this by remaining strong, staying focused, and being actively engaged. I look forward to serving you this bar year and know that together, we will accomplish great things!

Chanell Autrey, 2018-19 Chair
National Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division